Pop-Up Zine Shop

This year the fair will also host a pop-up zine shop selling books, zines and merchandise from a range of creators and groups. We’ll have work from the Bear Pit Collective, zines from creators including Pete MurgatroydMarianna Madriz, Wobbly Rock, Jack West-Oram; work from Tiny Pencil, Central European comics publisher Centrala, as well as things by fair organisers SMOO Comics, Misinterpreted Complications and Esme Betamax; mystery zine grab-bags, and a whole load more.

Coming to the fair? Got a couple of zines you want to sell? Get in touch to see if we can help!

Postal art!

BCZF 2014 also sees the return of the BCZF Postbox, housed in our shop!

Buy a postcard from us for a pound, draw something on it, pop it in the postbox and send we’ll send it to the address of your choice. You could send a message to a friend, or get one of our amazing exhibitors to draw something for you. Original art, delivered to you door, for £1!



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