Exhibitors 2015

We have over 70 incredible artists, writers and makers exhibiting and selling their work at BCZF 2015. You’ll be able to read about them all on this page. Here’s the first round of announced artists!

Exhibitors: A – F / G- L / M – R / S – Z

Exhibitors A – F

Harriet Alana

w1 001
A Little Lost

Mair (A little lost) makes DIY lo-fi surreal comics and colouring books, which often feature flying tortoises. She has a weekly updated Welsh Language online comic called ‘Llong’ about a boat’s adventures around a flat world. Mair’s work can sometimes be seen in Bear Pit Zine. New comics available will include ‘Dead Flying Tortoises and Algorithms’ and ‘Library of Perfumes.’

Jacq Applebee

Amy Apricot

Avery Hill Publishing Logo - Bristol
Avery Hill Publishing

Avery Hill is a small publishing company based in South London that helps aspiring creators reach their potential, welcomes the geniuses that the mainstream doesn’t recognise and is a home for more personal/niche projects by established, name creators.

Sean Azzopardi

Sean is a London-based cartoonist and has been making and self publishing comics for eleven years.
He has produced numerous mini comics and books for his Phatcomics imprint, including acclaimed titles such as Ed, Twelve Hour Shift and Dark Matters. Away from self published titles he is working on Necessary Monsters (First comics) and numerous illustrations.

Bark vs Brian

Father Vs son. Supreme ruler supreme king dictator of the multiverse Vs one above shelf stacker. Criminal mastermind Vs occasionally a very little bit naughty.

Comic to save the world Vs record label vanity project.
United for one day only to raise money for the world land trust. Expect bickering. Expect sillyness. Expect vegetarian sweeties.

All money raised from the sale of comics, tapes, mini CDs, books, action figures and lathe cut records will go to buying more acres of rain forest (6 bought to date)

Jess thumbnail

Jessica Bennett

Recent graduate and Illustrator from a small town near Cambridge. Currently freelancing, Jess enjoys anything related to space, colour, design or music and spends the majority of her day cuddling her two cats.



 Katie Bennett

Katie graduated from Birmingham City University with a BA(Hons) in Visual Communication (Illustration). After graduating she exhibited at Pick Me Up 2013 and went on to work professionally. In her downtime you can find her watching Netflix, looking at dogs or making coffee.



Big Brown Eyes

Big Brown Eyes is a collective of three sisters: Emily, Karis and Freya Lambert.
They have combined their talents to produce their first themed, illustrative zine Beginnings, which will be making it’s debut at BCZF. They will also be launching a selection of their own individual comics, zines and handmade products, showcasing their personal interests and styles.

Black and Blue Press

blp square

Black Lodge Press
Black Lodge Press publishes small press comics, zines and print with a DIY punk ethos. We support and involve inclusive communities of creative people, publishing work that celebrates queer culture, intersectional feminism and DIY politics. We also really love Twin Peaks


blopshop_etsy_photom 500px

Blop Shop

llustrator and publisher Alex Hahn returns to BCZF with his lovable characters: Blop -everyone’s favourite Martian, The Cruffin & Muffnut, Heracles and the space-craving ‘Astro’ Nort, to name a few.

An independent publisher since 2009, Alex offers a great range of hand-made zines, books, prints, poster and more.

Sammy Borras

Sammy Borras

Sammy Borras is an illustrator who loves making comics and music zines. She is currently working on Giant Rhinos in Space, an ongoing graphic novel series about an indie rock band who find themselves competing against aliens in an extraterrestrial X Factor.


Breakdown Press

Breakfast Champion

500x500 zine team instagram (1)

Bristol Zine Team

Born out of a shared interest in DIY culture, radical politics and baked goods, Bristol Zine Team meet monthly to offer a friendly, low pressure space in which people can produce beautiful things and make themselves heard. Our output has covered diverse topics from transgender issues and the crushing weight of capitalism to cycling, dreams and DIY video game tools.


Gareth Brookes

Gareth Brookes makes weird, humorous and experimental graphic novels and handmade comics utilizing unusual materials such as embroidery, monoprint and pressed flowers.



Paul Ashley Brown

Paul Ashley Brown

Paul Ashley Brown is a veteran of the 80’s zine scene. Since then he graduated from UWE with a BA Hons.degree in Illustration in 2001, and returned to making zines in 2008 with his self-published Browner-Knowle series. His work has also appeared in The Illustrated Ape, Stripburger, Strike, Indestructible Energy and The Comix Reader. He lives and works in Bristol.



Centrala are a publishing house from Poland, specialising in comics since 2007. Their authors include Lene Ask, Chester Brown, Sara Colaone, Howard Cruse, Anke Feuchtenberger, Tom Gauld, Line Hoven, Jacques Tardi, Lucie Lomová, Leopold Maurer, Luke Pearson, Maciej Sieńczyk, Bastien Vives, Jay Wright and Alexandar Zograf.
 They are based in Poznan, Berlin and London. Every Book Matters.

Richy-K-Chandler-ImageRichy K. Chandler

Richy K. Chandler produces comics and illustrations.
Creator of Lucy the OctopusTempo Lush Tales and WASP (Webcomic Artist Swap Project).
Co-creator of Rosie and Jacinda and Bang! Crash! Whizz!
Freelancer for Titan Comics and Comic Workshops runner.

Chubby Jack Teagle & Donya Todd

Comic Book Slumber Party

Craig’s Comic Land – Craig Conlan

Craig Conlan is a Scottish artist living in London. Usually he spends his days trying to stop his puppy stealing socks and eating pens, but he sometimes finds time to make comics. His site, Craig’s Comic Land, features a rotating cast of characters, including Hairy Mary (The magical girl with the best hair in the world!) and Ghost Cat (He is a ghost and he is a cat!) Craig will be selling comics, prints and original art featuring Ghost Cat, Hairy Mary and friends.



Two welsh boys draw on paper and make books through Silkscreen, Risograph and Xerox printing




Dirty Rotten Comics
Dirty Rotten Comics is a UK comics anthology, publishing work by new and established artists alike. It is printed three times a year, and is currently on its fifth issue.



dry comics logo 500x500pixels
Dry Comics

Dry Comics is a minicomics publisher based in Cardiff. Among the work debuting at BCZF will be ‘The Monument’ by Ioan Morris and ‘Waste’ by Josh Hicks. We’ll also be selling other comics by founder Ioan Morris and poetry zines by R. H. Parry.

Flapjack Collective

Flapjack Collective is a small press group made up of five illustrators who recently graduated from the Arts University in Bournemouth. What brought us together was a love of creating stories, so we set out creating our own self published zines and comics which we have exhibited in events including Bristol Comic and Zine fair, Hackney DIY Arts Fair and London’s Comica Comiket Festival at the British Library

BCZF Imagen foxhole

Foxhole Magazine / Less Than Five Hundred Press

Less Than Five Hundred Press is an independent press based in Canterbury, Kent and produces poetry books and zines and has recently launched a new magazine, Foxhole, aimed at promoting new writing and art.
The second issue of Foxhole will hopefully make its debut at this years BCZF!

Froglump BCZF icon 72dpi


Froglump is made up of Lucy Haslam, Hannah Hollowed, Lizzie Houldsworth and Seekan Hui, lumping together to make comics and other things, none of which are frog related.


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Emily Gilbert Illustration
Emily Gilbert

Emily is an illustrator, graphic novelist and zine-maker based between Bournemouth and London. Having studied at the Arts University in Bournemouth she developed a love for self publishing and narrative work, as well as book illustration and editorial work.

bearguts 500px

Stephen Glove/Bearguts

Swedish: Knytt – as a common noun also translated creep, e.g. småknytt, little creatures/creeps; knytt, dialectical noun from knyst, not the slightest sound.

“For the books I’m making at the moment I drew a master image, traced duplicates, painting detailing onto them + traced text, next I’m shooting them w/ expired 35mm film + close-up lenses on an old Kodak camera. I love unnecessarily complicated process, but I’m not brave about it; I figured I’d set myself on fire + see what happens.”

OMprofile (1)
Gravity Zine

Omar Majeed was born in Crewe and grew up in Hereford. He studied photography at Hereford College of Art before moving to Kingston where he went on to study Graphic Design. His current zine is called Gravity and comprises predominately illustrative responses to themes, the most recent being “for Dinner”. Gravity has been going for three years now and over that time has formed into what it is today, with a variety of regular contributors, letterpressed cover and individual hand binding.

Indestructible Energy Zine

Indestructible Energy is a limited edition, submission based, art zine. This zine explores the relationship between reproduced and original artwork within the context of the traditional fanzine without being bound by conventional zine publishing practices. Aspects of the zine will change issue to issue. Each issue will have 100 copies, each copy will include both reproduced and original pieces making each copy an individual piece of art.

All issues are open to and thrive on submissions which can be made as reproducible (digital or hard copy) or original artwork.


Ink Soup

Ink Soup is a collective of lost souls and necrotic tentacle-covered hellbeasts who turned their backs on a life of necromancy and virgin sacrifice to draw comics and paint walls. They engage in live art around the UK and produce an anthology featuring artists from all over the world. They will be offering a wide range of zines, comics, prints, profane artefacts from the beyond, unspeakable eldritch horrors, human remains, unholy portal-summoning amulets, and stickers.

Jazz Dad Books

Danni thumbnail

Danni Jervis
My name is Danni Jervis and I am a graduate from the Cambridge School of Art (I graduated in Illustration).
Packaging, Asia and Book Design are my inspirations.




Jacob V Joyce
Jacob V Joyce is a non binary queer punk zinester decolonizing through illustration, music and spoken word.



Mr G Johnson

Max K

Lalala Pompom

Rudy Loewe

Rudy Loewe
Rudy Loewe is a visual artist, facilitator and storyteller who works primarily in comic and zine format. They explore themes such as gender, sexuality, race, trauma and mental health.



Exhibitors M – R
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Mike Medaglia
Mike Medaglia is a comics artist, illustrator and Zen Buddhist practitioner. He is the author of One Year Wiser from SelfMadeHero and blogs for the Huffington Post. His work focuses on spirituality, positivity and love.


Lize Meddings


Melon Shrub

Melon Shrub are the combined artistic skills of Murray, Jack and Daisy, bringing an entourage of weird, existential enlightening stories / eerie and strange colourful comics and delightful, vibrant screen prints of unusual animals, all for the appetite of your starved little eyes! Now try saying all that again as fast as you can…

Engineer at Barbican2

The Modernist

The Modernist Magazine is a quarterly, print only magazine about 20th century architecture & design. Published in Manchester since 2009, they are now approaching issue #16. The Modernist is a not for profit volunteer run project.


Nathalie Moore

Bethan Mure

Aleesha thumbnail

Aleesha Nandhra

I am an Illustrator/designer based in London, and graduate of the Cambridge School of Art (2014)
I like desserts and Led Zeppelin.


One Beat Zines


Otto Press

Otto Press are an independent publisher of art books and comics, based in London.




Wai Wai Pang / Diego Cumplido / Marianna Madriz / Jonny Clapham

Wai Wai, Diego, Marianna and Jonny are four UK based Illustrators with varying backgrounds, yet with a common interest to tell stories in all ways possible. We’ll be exhibiting together for the first time in BCZF, selling comics, zines, prints, originals, charms and much more.

Alex Payne


Lottie Pencheon

lottie pencheon is a cartoonist, artist and sometimes illustrator who lives and works in Macclesfield, UK! lottie loves to tell very emotional stories with very adorable pictures, think of a bunny rabbit but crying.


perropanda-icona copia

Perropanda Edizioni

Perropanda Edizioni is a self publishing house born in Barcelona, raised in Berlin and now happily living in Cagliari – Sardinia (Italy). We print books and posters, sew pillows and monsters, giving a shape to everything that comes from the ambiguous nature of this strange animal that gave us his name and inspiration (perropanda means panda dog in Spanish). Everything we produce conceived and created by the hands of passionate people feeling the need to take their own space without compromise.

bzcf thumbnail 500

Plymouth Illustration

Comics, Zines, Illustrated Books, Prints and Toys from students from the BA Illustration course at Plymouth University. Great work, loads of variety and super fun!



The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel


Philippa Rice

Philippa Rice makes comics and animations with a number of different techniques and materials. Her collage webcomic MY CARDBOARD LIFE has been running since 2008 and her auto-bio comic SOPPY was published in January.


Exhibitors S – Z
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Hannah Kate Sackett BCZF
Hannah Kate Sackett/Dr H Comics
Hannah makes comics about archaeology, history and folklore.



Josh Sackett Kawaii Kasai 500 x 500 door BCZF

Josh Sackett

Josh makes comics about things out of this world – strange and unnatural.




The Screever

The Screever is a zine from the Midlands made by two awkward, sober vegetarians; it usually features a bunch of interviews from bands, musicians, artists and other creative folk, as well as reviews, and a few other bits and bobs. The forthcoming eighth issue will also be released with their second cassette compilation. Lee will also have copies of his illustrated perzine ‘Larry’, some comics he’s drawn, and some music that he’s released through his own little label ‘Glass of Spit’.


Hamish Steele

Hamish Steele is an animation director best known for Cartoon Hangover’s Dead End and Nickelodeon’s Badly Drawn Animals. In 2014, he kickstarted his first graphic novel, Pantheon and now updates the webcomic DeadEndia. His life goal is to meet a crocodile.


Stray Lines

Sarah Bowie and Debbie Jenkinson are members of Stray Lines, which organises comics events and collaborations in Dublin. We bring indie comics from across the Irish sea to Bristol – our Comics Lab zine Experiment, Mall life which Sarah made, Remorse, by Debbie and quite a few more.


Tiny Pencil


David Waterhouse

David Waterhouse draws comics about sniffing marker pens, being invisible, horse meat and wizards.




Ellice Weaver and Till Lukat

Ellice and Till are living and working in an attic in Berlin. They are crawling out of their dark hole to bring their comics to Bristol. With a love for traditional print and Aliens they combine forces to make comic zines, zine zines and sometimes even zines with a fold out page. They are enthusiastic about it.


Atiah Z

Atiah z writes and draws personal zines about abuses if intimacy, queer grey/asexuality, romance and race.



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