Fundraiser for BCZF 2018

It’s time for the annual Bristol Comic and Zine Fair Fundraiser!!!

We’ll have LIVE MUSIC!
We’ll have LIVE ART!

Wednesday 5th September
Cafe Kino
6-10pm (first band on at 7pm)
£4 on the door
Bring your nan

FB event page

The Perverts:

A noisy-punky-glitchy upbeat mess of sonic joy. A bit like The Slits meet Soronprfbs. Inspired by 80s video games and Gloria Gaynor. Will leave you with a fizzy bum for the whole evening. Includes puppets.

Diving Bell:

Reverb guitar ponce and fuzzy bass bastard tapdance to octoputian polyrhythm.

The Wine Mums:

Garage Pop inspired by Wine & middle class mother’s first world problems

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

With no external funding, BCZF relies heavily on the generous support of people like YOU to keep the event free to the public and an affordable space for artists!

BCZF Kino Fundraiser


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