Curation of BCZF 2018

This year’s BCZF application process has been the most difficult so far. We have been inundated with excellent applications, and we are very sorry that we couldn’t offer out more spaces.

We have received 235 applications requesting 311 tables. We only have 80 spaces available, using the whole ground floor of The Station. To cram more tables in would create a more crowded environment, with narrow walkways, and we are unwilling to do that for reasons of safety and accessibility.

We will be doubling the size of the Communal Table, in order to accommodate as many comic & zine creators as we can. The Communal Table has its advantages: It is a much cheaper option for the exhibitor, who is then free to enjoy BCZF all day while we sell their wares – max 4 copies of up to 3 titles (we take a flat fee of 50p per TITLE when you check your publications in, meaning the table space may only cost you £1.50)

We also understand that you may be disappointed with the offer of a half table if you requested a full one. We really encourage you to get creative with that space – stands/washing lines/banners/racks. Bring pins/clips/tape/string to make the most of it.

These numbers suggest to us that we need to rethink future events, but for this year we are committed to using The Station as it is. It also suggests that there is room for other similar events. We would wholeheartedly welcome new ventures in Bristol, so please let us know if you are looking to start another event – the more the merrier!

Take a look at this fantastic resource: for other events coming up.

It is not possible for us to give individual feedback on your applications. However, if you haven’t been offered a table and feel unhappy about it, please know that our decision is not a judgement on the quality of your work. Keep doing what you are doing – it’s all worthwhile. We really do appreciate the time and effort it takes to apply.

Thank you

Lots of love



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