Spotlight: Marianna Madriz

We are expecting to see an absolutely fantastic bunch of exhibitors at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2017. As usual, there will be a good mixture of familiar faces and new names. If you love someone’s work, please make sure that you tell them so. It’s this kind of support which keeps us all going!
This year we will be following our own advice, and having our first Spotlight. This is a selection of exhibitors who we really don’t want you to miss. We have taken time to ask them some probing questions about creativity and life and they have been kind enough to share their thoughts and feelings. 

BCZF Spotlight: Marianna Madriz

What are you reading?

The Importance of Music to Girls by Davinia Greenlaw

Early bird or night owl?

100% Night Owl

What’s on your headphones at the moment?

The Visitor by Kadhja Bonet

Where do you work best?

At my sunny desk in my home/studio/room

Who is your art/creative hero?

Isabel Allende

If you could deliver one piece of advice to your 14 year old self, what would it be?

Continue reading books, stop listening to Green Day.

Who should we be following on twitter/instagram?

Amazingly talented buds @waiwaipang / @molly.fairhurst

How long have you been making zines/comics?

3 years

Weapon of choice

Pen, felt tips, tablet

Recommended zine/comic

Canosa’s welcome by Jim Pluk

MMadriz Workspace


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