Spotlight: Jayde Perkin

We are expecting to see an absolutely fantastic bunch of exhibitors at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2017. As usual, there will be a good mixture of familiar faces and new names. If you love someone’s work, please make sure that you tell them so. It’s this kind of support which keeps us all going!
This year we will be following our own advice, and having our first Spotlight. This is a selection of exhibitors who we really don’t want you to miss. We have taken time to ask them some probing questions about creativity and life and they have been kind enough to share their thoughts and feelings. 


BCZF Spotlight: Jayde Perkin 

What are you reading?

‘How Music Works’ by David Byrne

Early bird or night owl?

Night Owl for sure

What’s on your headphones at the moment?

Father John Misty’s new-ish album ‘Pure Comedy’ mostly. But also a lot of PJ Harvey at the moment.

Where do you work best?

I share a loft space with my buddies Rob Hodgson and Clare Owen, and two kitties. It’s a really bright space, and I’ve got a big desk, so I’m spending most of my time there at the moment.

Who is your art/creative hero?

Maria Kalman

If you could deliver one piece of advice to your 14 year old self, what would it be?

Teachers aren’t always right. Don’t be precious, try not to get hung up. Have fun, and just keep playing, don’t be afraid to make shit stuff, and then keep making the shit stuff, as long as you keep making and playing, the shit stuff will eventually become the good stuff. (And some of the shit stuff is gold too)

Who should we be following on twitter/instagram?

Twitter: @davidjmcmillan – His work is clever and bright and bold and funny, and he makes a cameo in all of my comics. We are also sharing a table at BCZF, so you should come and say hi, he’s dead nice.

Instagram: @bethwalrond – Beth makes the most beautiful and clever and conceptual editorial illustrations (and she’s a wonderful person too; I miss her so much since I left Berlin)

How long have you been making zines/comics?

Not that long really, I made my first zine when I was at university back in 2010. But it’s only been the past 2 years or so where I’ve really started embracing the comic form, creating comics has become a real cathartic outlet for me. And the form of the comic has become a vehicle which helps me give a voice to the stories that I want to tell

Weapon of choice

I’m quite the pacifist, so let’s run with the paintbrush

Recommended zine/comic

Something City by Ellice Weaver – this comic (published by Avery Hill) blew my socks off: it’s not only absolutely beautiful to look at; but it’s also clever, funny, sad, relatable, obscure, with a hint of dystopia.

Jayde Perkin Desk_BCZF


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