Thank You!

What a day! We had a blast at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair and at our Karaoke After Party.

Huge thanks to The Station for having us again (our fourth year there). A great venue where we feel very welcome and have brilliant support from the staff.

Thank you to our team of volunteers: Tom, Robyn, Katie and George. Special thanks to Takayo Akiyama and Michael Adebayo for helping us set up the tables!

Thanks to Chloe from Not Now for showing people how to pull a screen print, and to CF Sherratt for live painting a giant comic (some panels still available to buy – details to follow).

Love and thanks to Roll for the Soul for feeding us and welcoming us back for another belter of an after party.

Thanks to Eileen for capturing the day so beautifully in these photographs.

Thanks to Fat Flyers for printing our posters & flyers (by CF Sherratt) and Alice Urbino for drawing our Karaoke After Party poster.

Thanks to Lisa and Pete from Ink Soup for our Warm Up Party at the Surrey Vaults.

Thanks to all of our exhibitors. The quality of your work and passion for comics and zines are things to be proud of. Keep it up!

Lastly, thanks to all who attended and supported our event. We hope you enjoyed the day!

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share your photos from BCZF. We’d love to see all the loot you went home with.

See you next year!

Love from

Amy, Esme & Hannah



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